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Changing the way you look at lawn care in the Minneapolis-St Paul area. 

We are your lawn care company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and surrounding suburbs. In 2023, we partnered with A+ Outdoor Services to provide exceptional and efficient lawn care to the Twin City area. We are now your true one-stop shop for commercial and residential customers. iMowediT will work closely with A+ Outdoor Services for the remainder of the 2023 season, and then A+ Outdoor will take over iMowediT's customers and operations. Now, no job is too big or too small. We strive to deliver the highest quality work paired with the most responsive communication. Our system is more efficient and effective than the rest. Scheduling your lawn care has never been so easy.

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Commercial Lawn Care

We've been serving commercial customers for over 6 years in the Minneapolis- St Paul area. Now, partnering with A+ Outdoor Services, add 30 more years of experience. As a property manager/business owner, we know the last thing you want to worry about is lawn care and snow removal. We act as your property's eyes giving you recommendations when needed and always being by the phone in case of emergency. Excellent communication paired with superior work is what we strive for. 

Commercial lawn care in Blaine, Minnesota

Autonomous Mowing

The future is here! Robots mowing the lawn... Introducing the newest advancement in our industry. With A+ autonomous mowing, your lawn will always be the perfect height. Mowing every day, rain or shine. It's so quiet you won't even know it's there!

Robotic Mowingin Minneapolis, Minnesota

Spring Clean Up

A Spring yard cleanup is essential to a healthy start to the sunny season. No one wants to rake wet, moldy leaves, but we are here to save you and your back! We get all the leftover leaves and sticks from the fall blown out of your beds, raked from your lawn, and hauled away from the property. You'll also receive a mow with bagging. Schedule your spring cleanup in the Minneapolis-St Paul area today! 

Spring Yard Cleanup in Minneapolis- St Paul, Minnesota

Residential Lawn Care

In Minnesota, we only have so many months of weather we can enjoy. Why waste that precious time with lawn care?  Get signed up on the total package so you never have to worry about lawn mowing, fertilization, cleanups, or snow removal again!

Residential lawn mowing in New Brighton, Minnesota


Fully licensed and insured fertilization company. We stand out from the rest because not only can we fertilize your lawn, but mow it too! Why call a company that can only do one? Additionally, we mix hire percentages than our competitors to ensure our work has the best results! 

Fertilization in Minneapolis- St Paul, Minnesota

Fall Clean Up

Yard cleanups can be a huge hassle for homeowners in Minneapolis- St Paul, Minnesota. Nobody wants to spend their weekend raking and bagging leaves. That's why we are here, trust us, we leave no leaf behind! 

Fall Yard Cleanup in Minneapolis- St Paul, Minnesota
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