Thank you for your interest! Please read through our customer agreement and fill out our questionnaire. 
*Please note that no form of payment is required until the job is complete*
*Our agreement may be canceled at any time without penalty*


1.     Upon a new agreement, customers will begin being charged on the date of their first service, pro-rata.

Ex. Kim calls iMowediT on May 15th, and agrees to a Weekly Plan with the first service for May 23rd. The service is performed as planned. Kim will be charged only from May 23rd-May 31st on her May bill.


Service Frequency

2.     With the exception of special requests, Weekly properties will be serviced no earlier than 6 days from the previous service, and no later than 10 days from the previous service. With the exception of special requests, Bi-Weekly properties will be serviced no earlier than 12 days from the previous service, and no later than 17 days from the previous service. Failure to provide service within those windows will result in a $30 reduction to the customer’s monthly bill.

Ex. Kim is on a Weekly Plan, and has a service performed on May 15. Her next service will be performed between May 21st, and May 25th. Failure to do so will reduce Kim’s bill by $30.



3.     This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time. A cancelation prompts an immediate stoppage of service, and a prorated charge.

Ex. Kim has a Weekly Plan, and calls on August 15th to cancel. Kim will be charged $77.42 for the month of August.

Calculations: The mowing plan rate divided by the number of days in the month, multiplied by the date of the cancellation.

Kim’s Weekly Plan = $159.99  Days in August = 31  Cancelation Day = 15  $159.99 / 31 * 15 = $77.42


Plan Change

4.     Customers may change their plan at any time. This will result in a prorated charge for the month.

Ex. Kim changes from a Weekly Plan to a Bi-Weekly Plan on September 15th. She will be charged the Weekly rate though the 15th, and the Bi-Weekly rate for the remainder of the month.



5.     Customers may opt out of a service or services, and receive a $30 deduction from their bill for the month. Opt-outs are accepted via email, phone call, or voicemail, and are active upon the time of the manifested desire for the opt-out. However, same day requests may or may not be honored upon iMowediT’s discretion.

Ex. Kim is due to have her lawn serviced the week of September 15th, but properly informs us of her desire to not receive a service. We will not service her yard, and her bill will be reduced $30.

Ex. Kim is due to have her lawn serviced on Monday, September 16th. Kim calls iMowediT at 2:30 pm on September 16th to request an opt-out. This request will only be honored if iMowediT is able to call off the service before it begins.


Late Fees and Failure to Pay Cancellations

6.     Customers will be given 28 days to pay their invoices, and will be assessed a $15 late fee per invoice if they fail to do so, or fail to set up special payment arrangements. All services cease upon a 28-day delinquency and further action will be taken, including the involvement of 3rd parties.

Ex. Kim receives a bill on August 3rd, and fails to pay it by August 31st. On September 1st, Kim will be assessed a $15 late fee. As of September 28th, Kim’s services will cease.


Automatic Bagging

7.     Any grass that is over 6 inches will be automatically bagged, to ensure a professional look. This will result in a minimum of a $30 fee which is correlated to property size. Documentation of grass length will be provided.

Ex. Kim opts out of 2 services. Upon the next service, it is discovered the grass is longer than 6 inches. The cut grass will be bagged. Kim will receive a $30 fee with her next bill, in addition to the documentation of the grass height.  


Customer Responsibilities

A.    Customers are responsible for ensuring animal feces is removed prior to lawn services

B.    Customers are responsible for all gates being unlocked to allow full access to the property.

C.    Customers are responsible for moving all yard furniture to allow full access. Yard furniture will not be moved by iMowediT                        employees unless arranged separately.

D.    Customers are responsible for ensuring all debris is cleared from the yard prior to services.


If any responsibilities cannot be carried out prior to service, please inform iMowediT staff so proper precautions can be taken.


Failure to abide by the responsibilities will result in service that may not meet expectations. This is troublesome for all parties. Repetitive failures will result in cancelation of services by iMowediT.


Other Services

Any other services requests must be made through the corporate staff opposed to the crew members on site. These services, if agreed upon, will result in a different agreement, and be billed separately.



iMowediT LLC is not responsible for damage to property resulting from actions within the normal scope of lawn service.